About Us
About Us

As a famous manufacturing base of chairs, there have been many factories here in  Anji. However, not many are good enough to meet the complete needs of customers. That's why we started Anji Baina Furniture Factory in 2013. Our core team have been in the bar stool and dining chair industry for over 10 years and we have visited many other factories. We believe there is a lot to do to become an excellent factory and it is never too late to establish one for our customers.

For a factory, foundation of success is quite simple:
1. low prices 
2. constant improvement of quality 
3. excellent customer service 

Most factories don't carry them out all the way because easier said than done. You may find us a little different from other factories on the persistence of execution. We believe that's a great part to be an excellent supplier.

The friendly folks here don't just sell bar stools and dining chairs, we think of our work as developing and supporting a better life for ourselves, for the distributors who trust us, and for their customers who benefit from our products. We will always apply our philosophy to improving our product offerings, and growing with distributors all over the world.